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Dental Lab Empire Dental Lab

Empire Dental Lab was started by Dr. Olivera in 1984. He always uses the highest quality materials available. All dentures, partials, crowns, bridges and veneers are made on the premises. In most cases, dentures and partials are repaired while you wait. In emergency cases we can fabricate a prosthesis in 24 hours.

One Hour Denture Repairs

If your denture or partial breaks, we can repair them in one hour while you wait. We carry a large selection of denture teeth to replace broken or chipped teeth. We can also immediately add a tooth or teeth to an existing partial denture if a tooth needs to be extracted. Naturally, all dentures and partials can be professionally cleaned and polished.

Mini Dental Implants

With the latest technology in dental implantology, Mini Dental Implants may be the answer to your denture problems.

Mini Dental Implants are designed to secure dentures and partials. These implants can be added to your existing denture/partial. They create a "snap in feeling" to ensure retention, but the denture/partial is still removable. This procedure takes approximately one hour, no cutting of the gums and no sutures are required. This unique procedure can be completed in one visit with virtually no discomfort.

Lab Tech Conventional Implants

Conventional Implants are designed for single and multiple tooth replacement. Permanent porcelain crowns are fixed to the implants. These crowns are permanent and designed not to come out of the mouth. This procedure takes approximately one hour to complete and with minimal discomfort.

Dr. Olivera is an artist in dentistry. I don't trust anyone else with my teeth. Dr. Olivera does amazing work. He is a communicator, will talk with you about any procedure you are involved in, and maybe discuss cranial anatomy/cranial nerves along the way. His office staff is also very good. I would compare Dr. Olivera to a Bugatti Veyron, (Look one up and you'll know). — Heidi, patient of Dr. Olivera (1/14/10).

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